9 reasons why you should orderan online store from us

We will create your store on the WooCommerce platform, which means no monthly fee unlike most competing platforms (Shopify, Shoproller, Stream, etc.). Your new, bespoke online store already exists, you just need to design it, adapt it to your industry and company image, add products and content, and that’s it. Contact us for a quote today!

We ❤️ WooCommerce

99% of the online stores we create are on the WordPress and WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is the most common online store platform (29%). This is mainly because it’s easy to add products and edit and develop your site – all for FREE. It’s a great choice whether you need an online store with a few products or an online store with a few thousand products.

Mobile friendly

Your future online store must be mobile-friendly. We follow a “mobile first” design. Without it, there is no point in having an e-shop at all. At least 50% of web traffic on online stores come from mobile devices.

100% satisfaction

We can guarantee that we’ll work on your online store until you are completely satisfied. So once we’re sure that we’ve made your e-shop exactly as you see it, we will help you figure out what other tweaks need to be made

Quality vs. price

We can assure you that our price vs. quality ratio is the best on the market. Put us to the test! Before you order from us, ask for a free consultation and we’ll provide a comprehensive offer.

Quick delivery time

We can deliver most online stores in less than a month, although there are exceptions. We’ve had projects that only took a week, but we’ve also had projects that have taken several months. No matter the situation, we’re ready to meet our customers’ requirements as best we can and, if necessary, act faster. Get in touch today!

Lots of features

Regardless of the price, our online store always comes with a consultation, a decent product page, a payment system, a shopping basket, a checkout, a contact form, security, well-thought-out design, a blog, a Google Maps feature and much more. We will send through an exact list of features when we send through an offer.

Easy to modify

The online store can be easily managed and changed by the customer later. The customer can do most changes, such as adding products, adding pictures, changing the menu and links, text changes, etc. If necessary, we always add a short training video that has been made especially for your e-shop.

A short supply chain

The year is 2022 and there is no need to have a separate person for each job to create an awesome online store. We have one person dealing with your e-shop with the right tools to do the work. Of course, depending on the complexity of the project, we are ready to hire additional staff.

Easy feature development

The reason WooCommerce is still popular is that it’s easy to develop and everything you can think of has already been resolved.

Online store speed

The most important factor for an online store is speed. The customer is in a hurry, and you need to get their attention in less than three seconds.

1. We optimise your e-shop according to the server.

2. We optimise your page for different devices. We also use small images without sacrificing quality.

3. We perform the necessary speed tests for maximum results.

Manage, add, and modify products. Easy!

Enter products directly into the system or by using accounting software. In both cases, your products will be uploaded to the system immediately.

Edit products, create promotions, add or edit text and images in seconds. It’s easier than sending an email.

In addition, we make it even easier for you by adding a product bulk-editing feature. Do you want to apply a discount to several products at once? Do you want to set free delivery for all products at once? Do you want to change the price for multiple items? All of these actions can be done for all products at once or by category, for example.

Want to see your online store’s sales performance?

It’s very simple to see the sales results of the e-store, whether that’s by year, month, and day or per product or category!

Compare results, do analyses and reviews, and make better decisions.
Get such in-depth reports that even an economist would be proud of.

All results can also be compared on a product-by-product basis. You can easily see which products bring you sales and which ones do not. Additionally, you can see how much money is earned through promotions and campaigns. There are many possibilities.

Want to know how much has been refunded, how much has been paid for shipping and how much has gone towards taxes? Everything is there, just a few clicks away.

Changing the design of the e-shop.

Whatever you want to click, edit and save, the change takes place in real-time. Did you do something wrong? Don’t worry, there is a backup at every step.

AIO Web has experience with the most common visual website builders, and we always provide our customers with straightforward instructions and videos on how to make the changes they want to make.

We are also always there when the customer needs to make more complex changes. In general, however, we want our customers to be able to make simple changes to their online store themselves.

Promotions and coupons.

With the WooCommerce platform, it’s easy to create promotions and coupons in seconds. Choose which products are valid, how long it is valid for, how many times it can be used, etc.

You can run scheduled campaigns (e.g., a coupon that is only valid over Christmas). Do you want the customer to receive free delivery as well? Just one click and it’s there.

Make a category and create a discount only for that category. There are literally hundreds of options, and you can create endless coupons.

PDF invoices.

The system will automatically send the customer a confirmation of the purchase order and, if desired, a PDF invoice. In addition, our invoices have been made in accordance with accounting standards.

Online store marketing tools.

We don’t just take care of the online store’s systems and appearance. The e-shop must also sell products, and that’s why we offer different tools to encourage repeat customers, plan online store marketing activities, analyse results, etc.

Abandoned shopping basket – remind the customer when the purchase is incomplete.
Google Analytics – the world’s best analysis tool.
Google search console – the keywords to find your business.
Facebook pixel – find customers who have already visited your e-shop.
Out of stock product reminder – the customer enters their e-mail address, and a notification is sent automatically when the product is back in stock.
Email marketing tools – organise campaigns and communicate with the customer. We will also create a value proposition.
Blogs and articles – introduce your product and create value through educational content.
Quick chat module – the customer can ask questions directly from the online store and leave their own contact information.

Product photos.

The most important part of an online store is to sell your products visually. We have professional equipment in the office for this. Lightboxes, proper lighting, cameras: all there so that your products have the best image possible.

You can use the pictures in the e-shop, for marketing campaigns, and on social media.

We also process images into the correct format and make them more visually attractive.

Payment and shipping.

No need to worry! All international banks are available in our e-shops, in addition to banks selected by the customer.
In addition, the usual money transfer and invoice option. Everything goes automatically. Credit card payment option? Yes, for sure! Payment upon arrival of the goods? Available!

As delivery solutions, we offer parcel machine, courier, express courier options through the most common providers.

CompletedOnline stores

Design, WooCommerce, Configuration, Translation


Nurme Cosmetics is a truly natural and organic body treatment brand that makes you feel great. Their mission is to create 100% natural and organic products from hair to toes, from babies to men.

WooCommerce, Configuration, Custom Development


Boat Service Estonia is the biggest boat service company in Estonia. They are the official VBOATS dealer and sell boat packages with almost every engine brand. They offer full service, from new boat to old boat exchange.

E-Commerce, Functionality, Design


Centralsun sells tasty health products to give your recipes beautiful colors and more nutritional value. They have a large selection of freeze-dried products, natural food colors, food supplement,s and much more.

Configuration, WooCommerce, Development, Multilingualism


Gruuviramps is an Estonian company building street sports parks. Our mission is to offer high-quality park solutions with a modern design, suitable for skateboarding, BMX, stunt scooter and stunt roller skating.