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AIO Web is a design and software development agency. We have experts on board who have 10+ years’ experience in JS and design and 12+ years’ experience in either building digital projects from scratch or refreshing existing ones.

Software development

AIO Web creates customised solutions from scratch. We ensure smooth integration with the existing system and environment or we can create a completely new solution.

E-commerce Solutions

We have the necessary technical knowledge and resources to help your business grow. We can offer both standard and special solutions for e-shops that require a lot of resources. If there is a particular business software you need, we can integrate it with your e-store and add the necessary marketing tools.


We work with our customers to define their company’s goals and to map out its journey. Plus, we try to think through our customer’s problems to create a brand and a unified system that meets their expectations.

UI/UX Development

After defining the goals and establishing what our customer needs, we will normally create several different prototypes. When we create our prototypes, we ensure they are built with a modern, beautiful design that is fully functional and will deliver a very good user experience. Then, we test the solution before developing a secure, fast, Google-friendly solution. Now, you’re ready to show your business to the world.

App Development

Today, having a mobile app is what sets you apart from the competition. Plus, it allows customers to use your services more conveniently. We are here to create a well-thought-out mobile app for you. First, we’ll start with an idea, work through the details, add the design elements and develop a customer-friendly application.


We are here for all of your IT needs. During the consultation, we will review your current systems, interview key people within the company, and identify new suitable solutions. Outdated and/or faulty solutions are a very high cost for the company; new, practical solutions that are built to be future-proof are the best investment for the growth of your company.

Suurte võimalustega e-poe terviklahendused, piiramatu toodete arv ja ilma kuutasuta.


Design, WooCommerce, Configuration, Translation

Nurme Cosmetics is a truly natural and organic body treatment brand that makes you feel great. Their mission is to create 100% natural and organic products from hair to toes, from babies to men.

WordPress Development, Functionality

Tallinn Old Town Days have taken place since the year 1982 in the Old Town of Tallinn. Tallinn’s dignified and unique Old Town is a valued cultural heritage that enchants both locals and visitors.

E-Commerce, Functionality

Reginett’s goal is to offer each of their customers the most suitable solutions for their needs. Be it a perfect lawn, comfortable and fast forestry work, an ideal hedge, or work with environmentally friendly and quiet battery machines.

WordPress landing page, WordPress Development

Valio Eesti is a major local dairy company founded in 1992, which is producing and marketing fresh dairy and cheese products made of milk from mainly Central and South Estonian farms.

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